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Firing, Classes, Library,  Individual workspace, Greenware Cleanup

Firing Our main Kiln is a Skutt KM 1018, a 4.6 CuFt kiln with 23" opening and 18" depth. We have two other kilns which could be brought on line if needed.
Classes and workshops

Beginner and master classes/workshops are conducted whenever sufficient people with a calendar fit ask for them.

Shop hours for classes, browsing, purchase and individual on-site work are:

 10 am - Noon And 1 - 3 pm Monday - Friday
 7 - 10 pm Monday - Thursday
 1 - 4 pm Saturdays



 Library we have catalogues, books and  magazines to provide artistic ideas and technical information.

Individual workspace 

  Clients can cleanup, paint and glaze their ceramics on our premises.

To the left is work in progress taken January 2015

Greenware Cleanup

Some artists like to work with greenware, but don't want to do the cleanup.

We can do that for you.


Cleaning green ware is the first step in the process of ceramic crafting. The technical term for cleaning green ware is 'fettling'. Since green ware is very fragile, it requires a gentle touch and the right tools to achieve the desired results. The plan is to remove the seams created in the pouring process, and make the raw surface as smooth (or detailed) in the area of the seam as it is on the rest of the surface.

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